September Monthly Recap

Whew!!!  I can’t believe October is just right around the corner!  I have to tell you all that this month (September) had been one of the busiest so far and I have all of you to thank!   I am seriously so humbled by the generosity of each and everyone of you! I know I haven’t updated my blog in quite some time but I promise that I am going to make more of an effort to let you all know what’s been happening in the studio and just catch up!   Here are some quick updates and highlights of the month of September!  

(1)  As some of you know I did an article for the CityView Magazine (many many thanks to Miriam for the opportunity, for Fatima for the beautiful write up and for Amanda Amador Photography for the amazing photos) and I am just so blown away by the positive feedback and love I have received thus far from the community. I really didn’t think that a year ago I would be where I am now doing what I love the most!   If you haven’t read the article if you are local the magazine is out now or you can read it on the link below.  

(2)  Remember the art piece I submitted to minted?  Well they did actually picked it as an Editor’s Pick and would be soon available for purchase on their website!  I could not be anymore thrilled!   Again, Thank you to those who voted for my piece!   I am really just so humbled!


(3)  I also submitted another piece to minted for one of their challenges and hoping that I again get a positive feedback from it.  It was a last minute submission and just want to see if it will actually get some votes!  I am crossing my fingers and toes that it does!  

Aging Minted

(4)  I am doing a collaboration with Candice from Blush Bridal on some fabulous tees!   We are going to debut some of it at the upcoming Holly Day Fair here in Fayetteville in November!  I am so excited and so nervous at the same time since I have never actually done an event before!  Along side the new tee designs I am also going to have a couple of my best sellers there for purchase and my holiday collection!  Its just been such a busy busy 2 weeks so far while I am busy designing, writing, and reworking some designs!  

(5)  I attended the Milspo Project’s EMBARK Conference as well!  I had the opportunity to donate the totes for the swag bag and really just had a fabulous time getting inspired by military spouses who are entrepreneurs, go getters, and just plain awesome girl bosses!  It really is amazing what these military spouses can do while they juggle being a mom, a wife, an entrepreneur, a volunteer and whatever they set their mind to!  The sky is the limit!!!    Really refreshed my mind and energized me to keep working on this small business of mine.  

(6)  On top of all of these new projects I am also filling up orders and adding new designs in my shop.  I so appreciate everyone with just being so patient with me while I try to juggle all of these awesome things at once!  

(7)  I am also hosting another Modern Calligraphy Workshop in October!   I am adding and reworking the guide and making it even better than the last!   I am hoping that I’ll be able to have a VERY LIMITED NUMBER of my Calligraphy Kit available for purchase at the Holly Day Fair!  So…..  just in case you cannot make it to my workshop you’ll have a chance to do some work in your own time at home!  

Calligraphy Kit

(8)  Art Prints!   I am also picking some of my favorite pieces to be sold as Art Prints very soon!   I am just getting some of the little details (like actual editing of the pieces) to be be ready for the printer!  It can be challenging since I am not the most tech savvy person and still have to teach myself to do the actual work.  But stay tuned for that!   

Floral Watercolor

Alright!  I think thats pretty much the highlight of the month!  Fall is here but its definitely still hot and humid here in North Carolina!  Are you all excited for the colder season to come?