This one is for the Girls!

These comfortable tees are now live up on the site!  I am just so excited for this set of calligraphy tees!  I mentioned earlier this week that I keep saying how this is my favorite every time I come up with a new design and tee but honestly I love them all!   One thing that is so important to me as I started this process is to stay true to what I like making and wearing.  Since this all began with me making this designs and shirts for myself to wear.   I wanted those who wear my designs to love it as much as I do and take pride of what they wear just as I do when I wear my creations out in public.  

How fun is this shirt!  I love it so much since I have such thick and long hair and the only way I can tame it is to curl it into waves!  Who would have thought that despite my husband's complaints whether I shed more or the dog that I can come up with something creative to make the shedding of hair all right!  

Here's a close up of the details.  I want to stay true to the calligraphic qualities of my designs so that you can see the little groove on the letters that mimics the quality of the paper.  

This designs are also now up in the tee shop for purchase!  I am just so inspired by the women in my life that are achieving their dreams and motivating other women to do the same.  I can not tell you just how blessed I feel every time I get a request for one of my tees.  It really just warms my heart that not only do I get to create this for myself but to also share it with others.  I am so thankful for your support and so gracious for your encouragement.