Minted For Art's Sake Challenge

Happy Saturday!  I cannot believe this week went by so fast!  Today the sun is shining bright and the husband and I are planning on spending time with my family!   As some of you know I created an art work for Minted For Art's Sake Challenge I knew from the beginning as I started to paint more and more that one day I will be brave enough to put my work out there and actually submit one of my art work on one of their artist's challenge!  

For Art's Sake

art prints - Palmae
art prints - Palmae

This challenge I chose Palmae.  During the time I painted this piece I was thinking about the beginning of summer.   This art piece is part of a tropical series welcoming the beginning of summer through watercolor and swift brush strokes.  I chose this since I felt like it really captured who I am as an artist.  I was so inspired by the swaying leaves of the palm trees and wanted to be able to capture the movement through my quick brush strokes and just being in the moment.


I feel like my personal favorite pieces are usually the ones when I just create.  When I let the brush do the talking and I don't think or worry about the little details or the final outcome.  I just let the process do its course and when I step back and look at where I am I find something that captured what is inside my head and the feeling an inspiration evokes inside of me.  


One thing I like about minted is their purpose and ability to get artist's together, build a community and support emerging artists as well as provide quality work to consumers all around the world!  

"Our purpose in life is to uncover exceptional design from all over the world and bring this to savvy consumers who won't accept anything else.

I hope that you take the time to vote for this piece.  Voting ends today and the pieces that win will then get their art sold by minted in their website!  How exciting is that?!  I sure hope that this is just the beginning!  Its been such a great experience so far and I know that I will be doing more of these challenges in the future!

Anyway, I hope that you are enjoying this sunshine and spending time with your love ones!  Happy Weekend Everyone!