Calligraphy in a Box

Alright Folks!  

I know posting on the blog had been a major struggle for me this month!  But honestly I have been swamped with work and getting ready for the Holly Day Fair that is being hosted by the Junior League of Fayetteville this upcoming Nov5-8.  I know right,  it is literally right around the corner!  With it coming up I had to expedite my holiday line of tees and giftable items that this little corner of my site has really just been neglected.   I am working hard to really work on this, guys!!!

I just want to jump in here real quick to let you all know that my Beginner Modern Calligraphy Kit can now be purchased!  If you are unable to attend one of my workshops you are getting the same instruction kit and supplies that my students get when they attend my class!  This kit is for the beginner and I have personally curated and picked the supplies that went into this kit with some feedback from my previous students to make it even bigger and better!  

 Photo Credit:  Kiara Love Photography

Photo Credit:  Kiara Love Photography

Here is the detailed information about this kit.

This kit has over 16 pages of Modern Calligraphy Instruction that includes Basic Stroke Formation, Common Words, 2 Alphabets Styles and a list of Inspiring Words from A-Z.  

Also included in this kit are the following items

-1 Oblique Pen Holder

- 2 Nibs of my personal favorite for beginners

- 1 pot of sum ink

- 4 Sheets of Vellum Tracing Paper

-  2 Sheets of Practice Paper

- and a surprise!

Also included is access to the Modern Calligraphy Facebook group for additional resources and information.

Perfect for any beginner!  Everything you need to learn the art of modern calligraphy in a box!  Grab yours today while supplies last! Limited Quantities available!  

 Photo Credit: Kiara Love Photography

Photo Credit: Kiara Love Photography

I am calling this Calligraphy in a Box which has everything you need to start your journey as a calligrapher!  

I hope that you all like it as much as I did!  I am honestly overly excited for this to come together and for me to be able to finally offer this to all of you.

 Photo Credit: Kiara Love Photography

Photo Credit: Kiara Love Photography

Many many many thanks for your continuous support!  My heart is truly brimming with so much gratefulness and love!