Private Modern Calligraphy Class

As “this” time here in North Carolina draws to a close, its just been so bittersweet being able to expand and grow my business and share my passion with all of you.  

This week I hosted a private Beginner Modern Calligraphy Class for 10 as part of my contribution to the Association of Bragg Spouses’ Spring Fundraiser and despite still being on recovery I was reminded by how much I love teaching and sharing my passion.  While I say that this Saturday’s class is my last class in NC before our move I am sure that the Army has its way of bringing us back here again. 

Here's a glimpse of last Wednesday's Class!

 In my class your kit includes a pot of ink, a pen holder, 2 nibs and my 20 page instruction booklet!

In my class your kit includes a pot of ink, a pen holder, 2 nibs and my 20 page instruction booklet!

Thanks ladies for allowing me to share my passion with you all and spending your afternoon with me.  

If you have been following my journey and thought about learning this skillset I hope that you are able to join me as I celebrate and close out “this” time around in Fort Bragg at Pressed in Downtown Fayetteville on June 4th from 1-3PM.  The cost of the class includes your Basic Calligraphy Kit with my personal recommendations and over 20 pages of instruction to get you started.   Register at

Seats are very limited so if you are in town and looking for something to do come join me for an afternoon of fun and craft!  



Home of Free... Because of the Brave.

Between the BBQ, family picnics and shopping sale let's not forget to remember what Memorial Day is all about. Today, let's remember those who paid the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom and keep them in our hearts.  Having my love one serve in the military makes me truly reflect of what they give so that we can live in a country where we are free to voice our opinions, be who we want to be, pursue our goals and dreams and really live the American dream.  It is always humbling to know that there are man and women out there fighting for our freedom.  Today, let's remember and may we never forget them and their families.


This print is dedicated to those who gave their all...  

A free download so that we may never forget them.  

Give the Gift that keeps on Giving...

Looking for a great gift for your grad?!  I have the perfect gift idea for you!  My Beginner Modern Calligraphy Class is the perfect gift and one that will keep on giving.   Attending my Beginner Workshop will teach them the basics of the pointed pen and help them get started with a new set of skills.  Registration for my June 4th, 2016 class at Pressed: A Creative Space is officially open and seats are limited.  

Register at:

Cost is: $75 and includes my Basic Modern Calligraphy Kit and 2 hours instruction time with me.  

When:  June 4th, 2016  1-3PM

Location:  Pressed:  A Creative Space  (Downtown Fayetteville, NC).

I hope to see some of you there!  Its so bitter sweet that I am down to the last one before we move in July.  Thanks for reading and hope all of you are enjoying your weekend.





Shop Small + 25% off + Free Shipping + Gift with Purchase = THANK YOU

Its Small Business Saturday! This year I have so many to be thankful for and one of them is being able to do what I love the most. I honestly could not create, write, paint and make things happen without each and everyone of you supporting my small business.

As a one woman business I have been so humbled by how much goes into keeping my small business going.  Asides from owning my business and being an artist I also have obligations to be a good wife to my wonderful husband and making sure that I am always there if the boys ever need anything.  I have to say that there are many days when I feel like I am slacking off but when I think of all the people who have supported me with my journey it gives me extra fuel to keep going and to keep going after my dream.  I am eternally grateful for each one of you who shop  my small business, for those who share my creations to their family and friends I thank you so much.  

As my way of thank you for today alongside the 25% off my Entire website sale I am also including free shipping and a small gift with EVERY purchase. Thanks from the bottom of my heart! I Love each and everyone of you!



Modern Calligraphy Workshop in November!

Hi Everyone! The registration for my November Class is now Open! It will be held on the 21st of this month from 5-7 at Pressed - A Creative Space in Downtown Fayetteville. Very limited seats available! Everything you need for the class is included with the fee! Come join me for an afternoon of fun!


Hope to see some of you there!



Gear up this holiday season!

Hey Everyone!

I just want to pop over here quickly to let you all know that there are two holiday tee designs now up in the shop!  I am adding one more this week and designing more!   My Holiday Baubles are also making a comeback so stay tuned for that as well to know when how you can get yours this holiday season!   I am just so excited especially after just finishing up the Holly Day Fair!  

Here are the designs you can now grab in the shop and are ready to ship this week!

 Merry & Bright

Merry & Bright

 Merry Christmas Darling

Merry Christmas Darling


Anyways,  have any of you attended any holiday fairs yet this year?  How was your experience?  :)



Calligraphy in a Box

Alright Folks!  

I know posting on the blog had been a major struggle for me this month!  But honestly I have been swamped with work and getting ready for the Holly Day Fair that is being hosted by the Junior League of Fayetteville this upcoming Nov5-8.  I know right,  it is literally right around the corner!  With it coming up I had to expedite my holiday line of tees and giftable items that this little corner of my site has really just been neglected.   I am working hard to really work on this, guys!!!

I just want to jump in here real quick to let you all know that my Beginner Modern Calligraphy Kit can now be purchased!  If you are unable to attend one of my workshops you are getting the same instruction kit and supplies that my students get when they attend my class!  This kit is for the beginner and I have personally curated and picked the supplies that went into this kit with some feedback from my previous students to make it even bigger and better!  

 Photo Credit:  Kiara Love Photography

Photo Credit:  Kiara Love Photography

Here is the detailed information about this kit.

This kit has over 16 pages of Modern Calligraphy Instruction that includes Basic Stroke Formation, Common Words, 2 Alphabets Styles and a list of Inspiring Words from A-Z.  

Also included in this kit are the following items

-1 Oblique Pen Holder

- 2 Nibs of my personal favorite for beginners

- 1 pot of sum ink

- 4 Sheets of Vellum Tracing Paper

-  2 Sheets of Practice Paper

- and a surprise!

Also included is access to the Modern Calligraphy Facebook group for additional resources and information.

Perfect for any beginner!  Everything you need to learn the art of modern calligraphy in a box!  Grab yours today while supplies last! Limited Quantities available!  

 Photo Credit: Kiara Love Photography

Photo Credit: Kiara Love Photography

I am calling this Calligraphy in a Box which has everything you need to start your journey as a calligrapher!  

I hope that you all like it as much as I did!  I am honestly overly excited for this to come together and for me to be able to finally offer this to all of you.

 Photo Credit: Kiara Love Photography

Photo Credit: Kiara Love Photography

Many many many thanks for your continuous support!  My heart is truly brimming with so much gratefulness and love!



September Monthly Recap

Whew!!!  I can’t believe October is just right around the corner!  I have to tell you all that this month (September) had been one of the busiest so far and I have all of you to thank!   I am seriously so humbled by the generosity of each and everyone of you! I know I haven’t updated my blog in quite some time but I promise that I am going to make more of an effort to let you all know what’s been happening in the studio and just catch up!   Here are some quick updates and highlights of the month of September!  

(1)  As some of you know I did an article for the CityView Magazine (many many thanks to Miriam for the opportunity, for Fatima for the beautiful write up and for Amanda Amador Photography for the amazing photos) and I am just so blown away by the positive feedback and love I have received thus far from the community. I really didn’t think that a year ago I would be where I am now doing what I love the most!   If you haven’t read the article if you are local the magazine is out now or you can read it on the link below.  

(2)  Remember the art piece I submitted to minted?  Well they did actually picked it as an Editor’s Pick and would be soon available for purchase on their website!  I could not be anymore thrilled!   Again, Thank you to those who voted for my piece!   I am really just so humbled!


(3)  I also submitted another piece to minted for one of their challenges and hoping that I again get a positive feedback from it.  It was a last minute submission and just want to see if it will actually get some votes!  I am crossing my fingers and toes that it does!  

Aging Minted

(4)  I am doing a collaboration with Candice from Blush Bridal on some fabulous tees!   We are going to debut some of it at the upcoming Holly Day Fair here in Fayetteville in November!  I am so excited and so nervous at the same time since I have never actually done an event before!  Along side the new tee designs I am also going to have a couple of my best sellers there for purchase and my holiday collection!  Its just been such a busy busy 2 weeks so far while I am busy designing, writing, and reworking some designs!  

(5)  I attended the Milspo Project’s EMBARK Conference as well!  I had the opportunity to donate the totes for the swag bag and really just had a fabulous time getting inspired by military spouses who are entrepreneurs, go getters, and just plain awesome girl bosses!  It really is amazing what these military spouses can do while they juggle being a mom, a wife, an entrepreneur, a volunteer and whatever they set their mind to!  The sky is the limit!!!    Really refreshed my mind and energized me to keep working on this small business of mine.  

(6)  On top of all of these new projects I am also filling up orders and adding new designs in my shop.  I so appreciate everyone with just being so patient with me while I try to juggle all of these awesome things at once!  

(7)  I am also hosting another Modern Calligraphy Workshop in October!   I am adding and reworking the guide and making it even better than the last!   I am hoping that I’ll be able to have a VERY LIMITED NUMBER of my Calligraphy Kit available for purchase at the Holly Day Fair!  So…..  just in case you cannot make it to my workshop you’ll have a chance to do some work in your own time at home!  

Calligraphy Kit

(8)  Art Prints!   I am also picking some of my favorite pieces to be sold as Art Prints very soon!   I am just getting some of the little details (like actual editing of the pieces) to be be ready for the printer!  It can be challenging since I am not the most tech savvy person and still have to teach myself to do the actual work.  But stay tuned for that!   

Floral Watercolor

Alright!  I think thats pretty much the highlight of the month!  Fall is here but its definitely still hot and humid here in North Carolina!  Are you all excited for the colder season to come?  





To celebrate the beginning of the football season these tees and sweatshirts are now available for purchase in my shop!  Use the code "Touchdown" for 10% off your entire shop purchase for 24 hours!  Check out the entire collection in my shop!  

Also... I am letting you customize this collection with the lettering color of your choice! Just indicate it in the text box when prompted!  



New Tees in the Shop

Hi Everyone!

I hope you're enjoying this weekend holiday and getting some much needed rest!  I added a couple of new tee designs in the shop this week and still working on a few more projects in the works for the near future!  I can't believe how quickly August went and before you know it it will be Christmas once again!  

To celebrate Labor Day weekend I am offering a 20% off discount to all purchases until Monday! Use the promo code WEEKEND.   So if you are thinking of grabbing a graphic tee this is your chance to do so!  

Here are the designs that launched and some that were exclusively for all of my Citadel Moms in honor of Dakota going back for his sophomore year at El Cid!  I still can't believe how quick the summer went!   Are your kids officially back to school as well? 

 For my friend Candita for her love of lashes and latte!  :)

For my friend Candita for her love of lashes and latte!  :)



There were a ton of news in the studio as well and I am sure to update you all this week.  For now please enjoy the promo code WEEKEND at the check out!  

Also, don't forget to register for my Modern Calligraphy Class in October at The Wine Cafe!  The early bird registration special is still on going until the 15th of this month!  Hope to see some of you there!





Modern Calligraphy Beginner Workshop October 17

Hi Everyone!

Due to popular demand, I will be hosting another Modern Calligraphy Workshop on October 17, 2015 Saturday at The Wine Cafe in Downtown Fayetteville NC!   This time around I am extending the workshop to 3 hours and now offering an Early Bird Discount Rate for those who want to register early!  Early Bird Registration starts today and ends on September 15, 2015 and normal registration begins on September 16, 2015 until October 15, 2015.   There's a very limited quantities available so grab your tickets now if you are thinking of going! As always, the fee of your registration includes 3 hours of instruction time with me,  a basic supplies kit (1 straight pen, 1 oblique pen, a jar of ink, 2 nibs, alphabet instruction in my Modern Calligraphy Style, Calligraphy guides and tracing paper),  1 Rika King Design Tote.  You will also have a lifetime access to my Facebook group for any questions or additional help you'll need after the class.   There will also be light appetizers and snacks for those attending!  As an extra I will also include instruction on how to write your very own name in your guides!   

I am so excited to be able to offer this again and hope that you can join me in an evening of fun and art!  



New Products in Store

Hi Everyone!

Whew!  Has it been a whirl wind of  a week for me!   But I am so glad to be sharing with you all the latest products in the shop.    I am so excited to be able to share with you my new pillow design alongside a shirt for all of my expecting mommies out there and another design as my ode to sundays.   I hope that you like it as much as I do as I am so excited to be able to add even more designs and products in the near future!   Thank you all for being so patient with me this week as being a new girl boss has not only been exciting but full of adventures as well!  

Here's a look at what I now have available for order!

Not only that you can use the code DARLING for a 10% off discount of your pillow purchase!  

How's your week going?



This one is for the Girls!

These comfortable tees are now live up on the site!  I am just so excited for this set of calligraphy tees!  I mentioned earlier this week that I keep saying how this is my favorite every time I come up with a new design and tee but honestly I love them all!   One thing that is so important to me as I started this process is to stay true to what I like making and wearing.  Since this all began with me making this designs and shirts for myself to wear.   I wanted those who wear my designs to love it as much as I do and take pride of what they wear just as I do when I wear my creations out in public.  

How fun is this shirt!  I love it so much since I have such thick and long hair and the only way I can tame it is to curl it into waves!  Who would have thought that despite my husband's complaints whether I shed more or the dog that I can come up with something creative to make the shedding of hair all right!  

Here's a close up of the details.  I want to stay true to the calligraphic qualities of my designs so that you can see the little groove on the letters that mimics the quality of the paper.  

This designs are also now up in the tee shop for purchase!  I am just so inspired by the women in my life that are achieving their dreams and motivating other women to do the same.  I can not tell you just how blessed I feel every time I get a request for one of my tees.  It really just warms my heart that not only do I get to create this for myself but to also share it with others.  I am so thankful for your support and so gracious for your encouragement.  



Minted For Art's Sake Challenge

Minted For Art's Sake Challenge

As some of you know I created an art work for Minted For Art's Sake Challenge I knew from the beginning as I started to paint more and more that one day I will be brave enough to put my work out there and actually submit one of my art work on one of their artist's challenge!  

Hi There!

Hi There!  My name is Rika King and I am an artist and calligrapher based in Fayetteville, North Carolina!  I am so glad you are here in my small space in the internet.  Here you can find my art, calligraphy and services!  I hope with this site that I am able to share with you my thoughts, process and inspirations.   

I hope you come along with me and enjoy this new adventure in my life!  :)