Rika King is an artist and calligrapher based in Fayetteville, North Carolina.  A military spouse with a passion for design and letterform.  

Founded in 2014, Rika King Design is a design studio and online shop where Rika creates bright and fun watercolor artwork, calligraphy designs, stationary, branding elements and clothing apparel showcasing her own modern calligraphy.  Everyday, Rika continues to find other  innovative ways to share her love for watercolor and calligraphy through product development.  

In her studio everything is handmade and build from the ground up.  She researches the little details to make sure that her clients enjoy their commission pieces and products for years to come.  

For Rika the greatest feeling about being able to create is sharing her passion to others.  She feels that through her creations she becomes a part of her client's special moments and homes.  

As an artist it is always humbling when someone entrusts you to make their vision come true and I am truly honored when I get to make it with them.